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Where's adeskbar

Sorry to crosspost (see:

What happened to adeskbar?  It looks like it was removed, but it didn't seem to get replaced with anything?  I did a full system update and rebooted, and it seems to have broken adeskbar.  Upon removing it, I seem to have lost it forever as it's no longer a supported package.

So this is not a "bug" so to speak, but this is bound to confuse a few people like myself.  Let me know if you have a good viable replacement in mind.

Edit pablokal to avoid more confusion:
Probably you lost it not because it was removed, but after the system update a dependency was missing.
This is solved by installing gnome-menus2
This dependency is dropped by  the update of another program but it is needed by adeskbar.
Like issue with the openbox-xdgmenu this is solved by doing:
packer -S openbox-xdgmenu

If you only use adeskbar (and not openbox-xdgmenu) you don't need to install openbox-xdgmenu, that is installed after gnome-menus2.
gnome-menus2 is enough to get adeskbar working.
If you have deinstalled adeskbar get it back here:
packer -S adeskbar

Adeskbar is a very fine tool, but no longer part of the default set up of AB


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Re: Where's adeskbar

rayhaque wrote:

What happened to adeskbar?

Indeed it was removed since tint2 is sufficient. See this post smile


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