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Getting your questions answered here at ArchBang Forums

There are many people that seem to make the same mistakes while seeking support to their system problems, so I'm writing this guide to help out those of you who are new to Linux and especially to ArchBang and are going to ask questions on the Forum. Almost all problems that beginners will run into were already solved when a previous beginner/user asked about it. The solution most likely exists somewhere and this guide is to inform beginners on how to find these pre-existing solutions. I will also explain how to properly ask for help in Forums. Demonstrating that you have already tried to solve your problem goes a long way in receiving answers to your questions in Forums. ArchBang users are generally competent users who have some Linux experience. Help vampires are frowned upon. You WILL NOT be lead by the hand to solve your problem but will be given guidance, suggestions and links for you to independently follow up. If this sounds too difficult or unappealing to you then ArchBang is probably NOT the right distro for you. Let's get started.

Where to look


Forums are an excellent place full of problems and their solutions. ArchBang forums and Arch Linux forums are a great place to start looking for threads related to your problem. Any Linux forum can be helpful, but please DO NOT post on another distro's forum about a problem in ArchBang, especially Arch Linux as it's not their job to support ArchBang. We support our distro and they support theirs.

Title of your question on a Forum

Please include some details about your question in the title of your post. This will help keep the Forum organized and help other users who have the same problem search for their answer in an easier fashion in the Forum and possibly during a Google search. Post titles like "Question?" or "Don't know what's wrong" are bad titles. "Adeskbar has disappeared after the latest update" is a good title, giving the topic and problem.
Asking questions on a Forum

Before asking any questions in the Forum, you should have done your own independent research. Please be as specific as possible in asking your questions. Tell us what you've done to solve your problem. Lazy users who haven't done anything to help themselves will be subject to great ridicule and general abuse. Actually, that won't happen but other users will be less likely to help a lazy user.  Provide data supporting your problem that can assist others help you solve your problem. Don't just write "My video stopped working. What's wrong?" Someone may tell you to read RTFM (in a polite way of course). Include your driver versions, kernel versions and any other pertinent information. If you don't know your detailed hardware information on-hand then run lspci in a root terminal. We will try to help as much as possible as long as you provide enough information to give us an idea about what might have caused your problem.


If you are looking more for a guide or a "How To" for something, Wikis are the place to look. The ArchBang Wiki has things that are more ArchBang-specific, but the Arch Wiki is a huge, well documented resource for any task in a Arch-based distro (which of course, ArchBang is).


When someone tells you to STFW or politely STW, that means use Google. Everyone knows about Google and what it does. Sometimes a general search will yield a post or link to solve your problem. Sometimes you need to provide more details in your search query. Copying and pasting part or all of the error you are getting can also be effective in finding your solution. Don't give up after a few tries. Sometimes a certain combination of keywords will result in the solution you are looking for.

Manual pages

Most packages have a manual and can be a great source of information. Some can also be as confusing as hell. To open a manual for a certain package, open a terminal and type

 $ man (package name)

for example:

 $ man sudo

to open the sudo manual page.

Hopefully these few pointers will help you find information that you're looking for and to use the Forums more effectively. Welcome to ArchBang and enjoy the best and fastest lightweight system on the planet!

You have the capacity to learn from mistakes. You'll learn a lot today.
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Re: Getting your questions answered here at ArchBang Forums

When you try to help out
    Please when doing suggestions, be as specific as  possible. Provide commands and specify if they have to be executed as user $ or as root #. When relevant or possible provide a source to back up your suggestion, which maybe also will provide a context to judge your suggestions value. If you know your suggestion is part of, or to be found on the wiki  provide the page link.

    Keep your posts matter of fact and avoid chit chat, posts that don't add knowledge or insight. Think: is it useful for others to read this?
    If you are unsure or have a presumption or only a hunch that something could work, make that explicit in your post and keep tacit if other people seem more sure of their suggestions.

Getting your questions answered here at ArchBang Forums
Please! Always give hardware info, if there is a chance that 's relevant: #lspci -vnn
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