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Hello from Hong Kong

Hi guys, I'm from Hong Kong and I've come to archbang from the easier distros Mandrake, RedHat, Ubuntu, Debian and Mint. I find ArchBang actually quite user-friendly and it really is a great way to get into Arch Linux. I could have just installed Arch from scratch but ArchBang is just as flexible. I currently have 3 systems running ArchBang and everything just works. I haven't met anyone in my area that is into Arch/ArchBang yet (most of the Linux guys are die-hard Debian/Ubuntu fans), but hopefully we can start a community here soon. Thanks to all the developers for this great distro.



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Re: Hello from Hong Kong

Hi Sharon!! I lived in HK for four years and Macau for four as well during the 1990's. Welcome aboard and hopefully some of those Ubuntu users will wake up and change to ArchBang so you're not the only one!!

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Re: Hello from Hong Kong

Yay AB is all over the world smile


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