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Mr Green
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Autologin Artix Version

Some users have concerns about autologin and how to stop or switch to a display manager....

How ArchBang live iso works:

Take a look at /etc/conf.d/agetty.tty6

# Set the baud rate of the terminal line

# set the terminal type

# extra options to pass to agetty for this port
agetty_options="--autologin ablive" <<<

# make agetty quiet

That will allow ablive user to login to console....

In /home/ablive/.bash_profile

# Start x on login
if [[ -z $DISPLAY && ! -e /tmp/.X11-unix/X0 ]]; then
   exec xinit -- /usr/bin/X -nolisten tcp vt7

Will start Xorg (Openbox) from console login

To stop or change simply comment out line in agetty.tty6 (marked with <<<) and comment out three lines in /home/ablive/.bash_profile (marked again with <<<).

Then install display manager of choice.

Did switch to lxdm with autologin but it does seem a little pointless as a display manager is not really required live, again users may want to run a different display manager or none at all. Purely personal choice

Note Comment out means use a '#' at start of line wink

Comments, suggestions, donations please feel free to contact me mrgreen(at)archbang(dot)org Artix information


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