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#1 2015-09-27 10:48:25

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Splash screen

Hey guys.
I'm not quite sure this question should be asked here, so forgive me if not!

I was wondering what splash screen Archbang is using? Can we change it? I mean, change the look, not specially the splash screen itself.

I was wondering if I could change the background of it, and eventually, directly ask the password for my own user (since this is my laptop, there's no other user, it would be faster for me to directly enter my password instead of "enter" + password.)

Thanks for you answer, I'm loving my conf atm, switched from Openbox to i3wm and it's amazing for my laptop!


#2 2015-09-27 13:18:06

Mr Green
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Re: Splash screen

Log in manager is lxdm, its config file is /etc/lxdm/lxdm.conf most of what you need is there.....background, user, autologin etc..

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