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Access via web to different devices at home

Hi all,

i have some devices at home, like a VU+ satellite receiver, a webcam, a small NAS, a house automation server and a few other things. Sometimes my wife has trouble with one or all of these :-) , she is the most anti-technic-woman i know ;-)
My goal is, to have access from outside to all the configuration pages on those devices. Some have ssh, so thats not a problem, but some only have small webservers running, so it is a problem for me to get access to all different devices. What is a easy way to get this access? Can i set up a central webserver and bind the others via subdomains? Or can i make a website with local links to the other devices? I only want port 80 open, so different ports are a no-go! DynamicDNS is up and running.
What is the elegant way for this solution?

Thanks for help and sorry for my bad english! :-)


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Re: Access via web to different devices at home

Hi Alaska,
Your english is excellent.
The first thing you need to consider before opening a listening connection to the world is security.  Make sure whatever you choose has some kind of security in front of it.
Without using other ports via port forwarding/triggering, the website ideas would not work because they would not be routable to the outside computer.  The outside computer would need to be able to connect to the device in the link.  If the website had some functionality in it and the internal devices provided a service connection, the website could then present that information to you.  The webcam and NAS are two such devices that likely could provide a service connection.  You could search the internet to see if anyone has done it before with those devices.

But, the easiest while still being somewhat secure method that I can think of is to use a remoting program to connect remotely to a computer in the local network, then use that local computer to manage the other local devices.  You will be able to do whatever you normally can do on that computer such as configuring your devices.  If you search for "remote control software" or "remote access software" or "RDP" or "remote desktop", you will find lots of examples to consider, even some from a smartphone.  Try to select one that provides encrypted connections.


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