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Greetings to all linuxheads in here

i doubt we ever gonna meet in person, so i'll save the personal introduction for when we do, after all i think i'm quite boring.
instead i would like to share some information about me as a computer user. serves as a proper introduction here also.

i like to think of me as an intermediate novice user, because the more i learn, i realise how little i know. this mindset keeps me going.
always been on the low-end hardware that has been given away to me, linux was the option to pick when had to deal with tight ram amounts and slow ticking cpus.

all started with red hat apollo 5.smth, when win98 was unbearable to a P-166-mmx 16ram. after waiting 2 long weeks for CDs and manual to arrive via mail, i got baptized. wasn't much of a personal choice since they have been handed to me by a friend who ordered 'em for his work back then.
hopped to slackware pretty soon and stayed till i grew some teeth.

then i set off to explore minix, BSDs and a few others, open source at the time.
been apple pampered for a while, till macosx support of ppc ended. darwin underneath always reminded me the glorious past and heritage.

Debian followed. then gentoo was great. felt pretty nice, yet upgrading turned to be a concerning thing. even with distcc, since total amount of ram never exceeded 4Gb across 6 machines. So after some upgrades and mainly a couple of breaks to follow thru and while in life i got short on time (to put on schedule the upgrade to take place wasn't ok, especially when needed extra care), i sadly started looking for a change. if only i had some powerhorse.. uhh.

thankfully, while  on the hunt once again, for the one that would fit my needs, time, hardware and taste, found arch. which fits  better than anything i tried.
and after 6+ months on archbang, i say it suits perfectly my desktop needs! ..with a little tailoring wink

apart of all the archlinux powered, ppc still runs gentoo (that's how i got infected by it) headless in the junkyard. raspi voidlinux. oh and a 486 in the amusement park dos.

also i found alpine an interesting approach to linux, while helping some friends over a project of theirs.
and i patiently wait for hurd to ripe.

well,that's all about us, user and machines.

excuse my quite long intro.
i really like archbang and given the free time vacations provide, i took advantage of it to properly introduce me.

my appreciation and gratitude to the dev team for such a useful (to my hardware)  and great (in its simplicity) project.

p.s. after my comeback to linux, it felt like almost everything has evolved and was evolving for the better until, i guess systemd showed up. Might be a matter of habit, well i'll save that for a later time. Let's not start on the wrong foot here.


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Re: Greetings to all linuxheads in here

I enjoyed reading that, thanks for posting :-)


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