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dCore -- perhaps the future unified distro?

As I've seen Mr. Green trying to minimize the size of ArchBang, and working with Void, and surely thinking outside the box in more ways than we see here ^^

So I want to make you all aware of this 11 - 15MB distro (with a well-built graphical dCore being under 100MB). Which can import Debian and Ubuntu packages, I am working on extending its compatibility with other distros as well. Especially Arch and Gentoo (and perhaps Void, and Exherbo as well), for the most up-to-date packages.

Read more here:
The wiki is in a very alpha state, but it's currently growing at a good pace.

So come -- take part in a fresh new effort! Where we can unify a bunch of distros in one minimal core!
Where you will easily be able to choose if you want Systemd or not.

I'm working on an installation script for it ( And we can set up config files for the WM and other programs, and have a new minimal "!" distro. smile
But it should evolve by a system for easily sharing and cooperating on scripts and config files -- so the core can stay the same -- and just have an infinitude of flavours, easily available.
And that's what I've been working on. Though I've been a bit too ambitious -- trying to create a unified wiki system. But I'm refocusing now on just getting my "GUI unifier" out there, and implementing a simple sharing system for dCore, and other Linux distros. And things will grow through community contributions.
With this tool, you won't have to download separate programs for different GUI-dependent things. As it already has a simple painting program, for instance, which can easily be extended. And for simple browsing, you can get away with just the GUI unifier.
It's not that relevant to dCore, but it's relevant for creating a great super-lightweight distro, and helping the unification process along.

I'm LichenSymbiont on the Tiny Core forums:


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Re: dCore -- perhaps the future unified distro?

I'll drink to that.


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