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#1 2014-09-06 13:04:04

Wakan Tanka
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Please post your output of /usr/bin/obmenu-generator

Hello, I've been playing with openbox (with


to be precise) and something went wrong. My menu (when I click right mouse button) looks completly different as it was before my experiments. Can somebody please post output of





was looking like this during old good days when everything worked:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<openbox_menu xmlns=""
    <menu id="root-menu" label="obmenu-generator" execute="/usr/bin/obmenu-generator" />

So I started to play with


and my history shows this (I do not know which screwed my config):

  357  /usr/bin/obmenu-generator -h
  358  /usr/bin/obmenu-generator -p | less
  359  /usr/bin/obmenu-generator -s | less
  362  /usr/bin/obmenu-generator -r | less
  365  /usr/bin/obmenu-generator -S | less

Now when I issue


it shows me following output (just few first lines):

    <item label="File Manager"><action name="Execute"><execute>pcmanfm</execute></action></item>
    <item label="Terminal"><action name="Execute"><execute>xterm</execute></action></item>
    <item label="Editor"><action name="Execute"><execute>geany</execute></action></item>
    <item label="Web Browser"><action name="Execute"><execute>google-chrome</execute></action></item>
    <item label="Run command"><action name="Execute"><execute>gmrun</execute></action></item>
    <item label="Instant messaging"><action name="Execute"><execute>pidgin</execute></action></item>

As you can see as a browser is choosen google-chrome even if I am running default installation of Archbang and my browser used to be Firefox, terminal ix xterm and used to be lxterminal and so on and so on. Can somebody please post his output of


and clarify me how


generates it's output? Thank you very much.

PS: Now my


is created manualy otherwise I cannot use my openbox.


#2 2014-09-07 06:04:40

From: australia
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Re: Please post your output of /usr/bin/obmenu-generator

The -r option regenerates the config/ files which you generally dont want to do, since they determine the output.(which isnt too useful as is)
Look in /etc/skel/.config/obmenu-generator to recover the original archbang defaults.
Then check them out to see how they work, being careful not to mess up the formatting if modifying.

$ obmenu-generator -h   
keys on reference is experimental at /usr/bin/obmenu-generator line 286.
usage: /usr/bin/obmenu-generator [options]

    -p  : (re)generate a pipe menu
    -s  : (re)generate a static menu
    -o  : static menu file (default: ~/.config/openbox/menu.xml)
    -m  : menu id (default: 'root-menu')
    -r  : regenerate the config files
    -i  : use icons in menus
    -d  : regenerate icons.db (with -i)
    -u  : update the config file
    -R  : reconfigure openbox

    -h  : print this message
    -v  : print the version number

   ** Static menu without icons:
        /usr/bin/obmenu-generator -s

   ** Pipe menu with icons:
        /usr/bin/obmenu-generator -p -i

    ** Reconfigure openbox:
        /usr/bin/obmenu-generator -R

** Config file: ~/.config/obmenu-generator/
** Schema file: ~/.config/obmenu-generator/


#3 2014-09-08 01:42:50

Wakan Tanka
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Re: Please post your output of /usr/bin/obmenu-generator

Thank you for your suggest ncmprhnsbl, unfortunatelly

find /etc/skel/ -iname "*obmenu-generator*"

gives no output.


#4 2014-09-08 03:00:20

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Re: Please post your output of /usr/bin/obmenu-generator

Here's a link for the latest obmenu generator source files that were used for the ISO, you can also browse back and copy anything else you might need.
Edit: You might need to use the raw option to preserve the right syntax.

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