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#1 2014-07-29 19:24:47

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Grub2.02-Beta-* still NOT nice with multiple drives, anymore.

I giveup.
Once again, grub2-beta rears it's ugly bug-heads. Why do they build something so needlessly over-complicated, and buggy, and then push it out, to all these Distro's, ... ?!

Well, I've finally had enough with this grub2.**-Beta-<whatever-version>.
It's ridiculous.
I forgot, no wonder they call syslinux the simple bootloader of servers, and it seems to be also better with multiple boot drives on a workstation, PC, ...

Syslinux is the only bootloader I will install and use, in an mbr, from now on, for a multi Linux, BSD, windowze, or anything else, 'cause it just bloody works, ALL the time !

Other than that, all is good.

[Update]: in fact, this is more of a reason why "^!" -AB superlight should only include syslinux, we don't need no graphical-buggy grub2 crap.

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