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Share your EFI problems and solutions here

We are wondering if there are users of AB that had to give up on it, because they weren't able to install it on their EFI equipped pc's.
Or is this an non-existent problem?
For us it is difficult to give support on this, because solutions are often hard ware specific. What might work on one pc, doesn't solve anything on another one.
So I would like to see two kinds of answers.
1. yes , I can't install because of efi problems and this is my hardware or yes, I had initial problems but I solved them in this way.
2. no, I had no problems at all and this is my hardware.
If you discovered valuable resources next to the Arch wiki on this, it would be nice if you shared them here.
The best resource I found was:

Getting your questions answered here at ArchBang Forums
Please! Always give hardware info, if there is a chance that 's relevant: #lspci -vnn
On Arch(bang) and Openbox:


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