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can't boot; GPIO problem [WORKAROUNDED]

Yesterday when I boot AB doesn't exactly boot.  Instead it showed a screen
with two lines.  I know I was messing around with pacman and did something
to mess up something.  Today, I did a reinstall and still got two lines (maybe
the same thing???) saying

gscema-fsck[80]. /dev/sda1. clean, 193490/798112 files, 1827790/3166224 blocks
7.366059] lpc_ich 0000:00:1f.0 I/O space for GPIO uninitialized

I can't read the top line since it is 1/3 blocked - so 1st line is my guess.

Is there a fix in the BIOS or at bootup?  Or using a liveCD?
I suspect this problem would occur with other distros (?!?).
Something got messed up with the display or something and
an AB reinstall did not help.

Update: I noticed

I tried loading defaults in the BIOS, i.e, in the BIOS, I
choose "Load FailSafe Defaults" and "Load Optimized Defaults".
I still get the same problem.

I understand GPIO means General Purpose Input/Output
but I don't see anything that looks like GPIO in the BIOS.

Can I fix this problem so that the desktop will boot
in the BIOS or bootloader?


UPDATE: Somehow pacman reordered my boot priority.  After fixing that I installed another
distro (in this case SliTaz) to overwrite everything.  Then I reinstall AB (I'm on it right now).
So back to the pacman issue.

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