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Noob Linux User first choice ArchBang

Hello Everyone,

Just thought i would say hello to the ArchBang community. This is my first linux distro im going to be using full fledge on my desktop machine. I am a huge fan of gaming and im hoping to see a push for linux gaming in the near future. I really enjoy the layout of ArchBang and how it is setup, as well as the tons of customizations i can do to it. If anyone has any tips / suggestions for the archbang OS please let me know. im willing to try anything to test my linux skills.


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Re: Noob Linux User first choice ArchBang

Have you checked out the Steam beta from the AUR yet?  See:  I was going to wait until it was officially released.  Hopefully you are also aware that puts together bundles of games that are cross platform.  Though sometimes the Linux "version" is not very native.  I have enjoyed many of the games I did purchase.

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