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#151 2012-10-18 12:08:58

Colonel Panic
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Re: What other Linux OS are you running or distro hopping with besides AB?

ArchVortex wrote:

Trying Gentoo based Calculate Linux 11.12 XFCE and find it very polished, snappy and low RAM. Uses 85 -90 MB RAM while idling after start up (compared to AB at approximately 80 MB now with the 3.1.6 kernel. The Calculate setup is more like a Gentoo setup than Sabayon is. Sabayon pulls in a lot of unwanted bloat with dependencies not really needed but this is not the case with Calculate. The XFCE desktop has regular panel on the top and a smaller almost dock-like panel full of launchers on the bottom. Makes the XFCE DE tolerable. Comes loaded with most of packages one needs to do everything. XFCE not being layered on top of Gnome is quite obvious with this distro. I'm impressed. I actually don't feel like ripping out XFCE and installing LXDE which is a first but Thunar will probably have to go. Downloading the KDE version which is the main version to see how stable it is. Will try Openbox on Calculate later.

Thanks for the information. I've not heard of this one before but I'll check it out,


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Happy (Arch|Manjaro)[B,b]ang User
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Re: What other Linux OS are you running or distro hopping with besides AB?

I have been running Bodhi Linux lately.  I know it's based on Ubuntu, but besides that it has been working very well.  I wanted to try Enlightenment.  I like it when a distro picks one desktop and sticks with it making sure it is the best experience possible.  I was able to match most of the key bindings and mouse bindings to my AB install.  By default, the menu was a left click on the desktop.  This frustrated me a little as I was used to right clicking.  But right clicking gives you a favorites menu.  I have quickly adapted to clicking right for favorites and left for the rest.  Of course my real favorites are key bindings.

The eye candy stuff appears to be integrated well and there are many options.  Sleep and resume are very quick and flawless so far.  My NetworkManager actually connects to my network every time, quickly, and flawlessly (something that had not happened with most distros).

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Re: What other Linux OS are you running or distro hopping with besides AB?

Using Arch + OB on both machines. Thanks to the Arch Bang source files I learned how to make Arch look just like Arch Bang.

Someday, I will know enough to be dangerous.


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