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Black Leather Openbox theme (includes gtk)

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Good day everyone. Once again I ventured off into gtk land and created a theme. This time around I decided to create a darker theme and first experemented with more complex gtk engines, but the results turned out to be quite bulky.

I also didn't make the button/panel colour #000 considering that some Internet applications tend to change either the text or text-boxes back from white and black to black and white.

Then I decided to use the good old Shiki theme. I only had one problem, The dark top bar. I tried to edit it but It was chalenging considering that I haven't gone that deep into gtk theme editing yet.

So I googled Shiki-like themes and found "Ryo", a bright gtk theme made by Martin Lettner with coloured scroll-bars.

I made it darker and took the colours away to make the appearance I was aiming for. Then I implemented the openbox-theme I made for the previous dark themes.

The openbox theme was mostly inspired by the time-frame I decided to go wireless, I mean, borderless. I started to miss the boarders because it rounded of the windows and I imagine that the designers of the programs I use probably didn't have borderless window managing in mind OR mabe, dare I say it, I am used to the window$ look!

I also wanted to make glossy-Like openbox theme with a split-vertical gradient for the title. I started making the close button and I felt that the hard ending for the tips of the large button did not appeal to me. So I tried to thin tips down. That ended up looking a bit strange, but I decided to use it to my advantage and applied the same theme to the other buttons AND hooray! It looks great!

Finally I decided to thin down the scroll-bars a tiny bit,. I like their presence don't get me wrong, It just appeals to me more if its about that size.

One thing I am struggling to figure out though. How to darken the selection rectangle when clicking and dragging from an empty space within pcmanfm. At the moment Its a bit bright.

Altogether I am extremely pleased with the outcome of the theme, and I hope you will be too!
Enjoy the theme!

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Re: Black Leather Openbox theme (includes gtk)

Hi Ped, Nice to hear form you again!
My compliments, I really like your theme.
I even like it enough to try it out.
Should be in the next AB release.

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