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libpng/libtiff updates require rebuilds of some cairo-* AUR packages

News: libpng/libtiff rebuilds move from [testing]

2012-02-05 - Ionuț Mircea Bîru

Recent releases of libpng and libtiff have required a rebuild of all packages that depend on them; these have just been moved from [testing] to the main repos. As usual, remember to fully update your system and check your unofficial packages (especially the cairo-* packages from AUR) for required rebuilds.

The update might output messages similar to:

g_module_open() failed for /usr/lib/gdk-pixbuf-2.0/2.10.0/loaders/ cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

source: … m-testing/

So before updating check if you have some cairo packages from AUR that need to be recompiled.
And do it right after the update before logging out.

See how many new threads are related to this issue:

This gives an idea how different people experienced and solved the problem. None seemed to have seen this warning.

What to do, if you discovered this too late:
If  everything seems blocked and you can only act from the terminal do
(To get into the terminal do ctrl+alt + f1)
to check for other related programs:
$sudo pacman -Qs cairo

Then re-install all listed cairo packages that are in AUR so that they are rebuild again with the mentioned new packages.
for example:
sudo packer -S cairo-ubuntu

Is anybody reading these update warnings? Be sure to check before any update.

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