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How to group apps via the apps file (fluxbox)

The apps file is in /home/user/.fluxbox

To automatically tab together new windows, place a [group] tag around several [app] tags, with an [end] tag to indicate the end of the group. You should not use an [end] tag for individual apps in a group. You can specify dimensions, position, etc. for the group as for normal app entries.

(Fluxbox also can group programs using the file ~/.fluxbox/groups. But the groups file is deprecated since version 0.9.1 in favor of grouping using the apps file, since it is much more powerful. The groups file only groups windows on the same workspace, whereas the apps file searches all workspaces by default.)

To replicate the groups file's behavior with the apps file, use `[group] (workspace)', which was introduced in version 1.0rc3.

Here is a short example of an apps file:

# a group with all windows called "special-term",
 # appears on layer 4 (bottom)
     [app] (special-term)
         [Layer] {4}
 # a group that only looks for windows on the current workspace
 [group] (workspace)
     [app] (firefox-bin) (title=.*Mozilla Firefox.*)
     [app] (opera)
         [Dimensions]    {800 600}
         [Position]      (UPPERRIGHT)      {0 0}

source: … _apps_file

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Re: How to group apps via the apps file (fluxbox)

very nice!  I'd been manually grouping tasks and had no idea it could be done automatically


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Re: How to group apps via the apps file (fluxbox)

You can use the start up tags at the top of the apps file to autostart programs
when fluxbox starts.

[startup]                {some program}

[startup]                {gksu gnome-commander}
[startup]                {gnome-commander}
#[startup]                {gksu xfe}
#[startup]                {xfe}
[startup]                {roxterm}
[startup]                {clipit}
[startup]                {qasmixer}
#[startup]                {volumeicon}
[startup]                {kdesu konsole}
#[startup]                {kwikdisk}
[group]  (workspace=[current])
 [app] (name=Navigator) (name=Navigator)
# [app] (name=xterm)
 [app] (name=roxterm)
 [app] (name=Terminal)
 [app] (name=gnome-commander)
 [app] (name=konsole)
 [app] (name=uzbl-browser)
# [app] (name=medit)
 [app] (name=scite)
 [app] (name=xfe)
  [Dimensions]	{1639 1070}
  [Position]	(UPPERLEFT)	{3 3}
     [app] (xterm)
         [Layer] {4}
[app] (name=ROX-Filer) (class=ROX-Filer) (role=/home/kruppt)
  [Dimensions]	{879 902}
  [Position]	(UPPERLEFT)	{560 71}
[app] (name=qasmixer) (class=Qasmixer)
  [Alpha]	{255}
[app] (name=ROX-Filer) (class=ROX-Filer) (role=/home/kruppt/pics)
  [Dimensions]	{1109 900}
  [Position]	(UPPERLEFT)	{418 66}
[app] (name=qtfm) (class=Qtfm)
  [Position]	(UPPERLEFT)	{5 5}


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