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Howto control fonts in Fluxbox

In OB you can very easily set different fonts for
active    window title
inactive window title
menu header, menu items
acitve and inactive onscreen display
in the appearance tab of obconfig

What are the possibilities in Fluxbox?

Generic easy  approach:

Style overlay
What is styleOverlay

Since Fluxbox 0.9.15 there has been a new option called session.styleOverlay that allows user to override some or even all elements of style. This comes in very handy for keeping fonts the same for every style or some other things.

Add this line to your ~/.fluxbox/init

session.styleOverlay: ~/.fluxbox/overlay

Then edit the file ~/.fluxbox/overlay like you would edit any style. Add your custom fonts there for example:

menu.title.font: sans-10:bold
toolbar.clock.font: sans-10:bold
toolbar.workspace.font: sans-10:bold
*font: sans-8

More complicated in the style:

You can change them easily in the style file. Search in this file for the lines that say *font: <fontname>.

Possible lines in your hopefully now opened style file can be:


menu-title (the title of all fluxbox-menus you use)
     menu.title.font: <fontname>

  frame (the entries that are in every menu)
    menu.frame.font: <fontname>

  window (the font of the title of every window)
    window.font: <fontname>

  clock (yeah, it's the fluxbox clock)
     toolbar.clock.font: <fontname>

  workspace (the font of the workspace label)
     toolbar.workspace.font: <fontname>

  iconbar (the label of the application the iconbar is holding)
    toolbar.iconbar.focused.font: <fontname> 
    toolbar.iconbar.unfocused.font: <fontname>


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