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ArchBang reborn?

To all of you, and Mr Green in particular:

I've been using Arch Linux as soon as I discovered it, many years ago, and ArchBang since I stumbled on it in a search for a nonsense lightweight installation,
again, a few years ago. Many thanks to creators, developers, and users for their contributions to this distro. Special thanks to Mr Green for having carried the ball without dropping it or sending it over a fence by aiming too high (and thus losing ArchBang's nature).

I've been using for a long time a "desktop", or, better, a whole very spartan philosophy of post-installation furnishing, which I call Tiro (Cicero's personal slave,
secretary, and friend), and which has been adopted for life by many of my graduate students. I plan to prepare a motivated and detailed description of Tiro, because I thing that many more people might want to use it and adapt it to their needs.

For the moment, since I'm so busy with many other projects, I'd like to express my encouragement to Mr Green too keep ArchBang on course.
As for me OpenBox, Tint2 or equivalent, and a Wi-Fi that works right out of the box are my basic desiderata.

As for installation, I'm working on an approach where you write your desires, resources, and constraints OFF-LINE, on a human-readable, annotatable, and editable form. Then you have an installation script provided by ArchBang go over  this form and translate it into installation instructions. As you learn more, especially from your mistakes, and as your wishes evolve, you keep editing the form and iinstalling anew ON THE BASIS OF THIS FORM until you're happy with the results. In this way, besides having a robust working installation, at that same moment you also have in your hands an actual working documentation of it---namely, the current version of that form. This will also make the perfect instrument for users to exchange a similar active description of their installations, and for newbies to have available a number of working descriptions of a variety of conceivable post-installation environments. Keep posted.

Tommaso Toffoli


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Mr Green
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Re: ArchBang reborn?

The major issue I have with any 'arch' installer is maintenance. Changes in Arch do affect how scripts work and this means changes have to be made on a regular basis. Users tend to demand features of this app or that desktop. Options are endless, to me that is the beauty of Arch you can pretty much run anything you wish and then some.

Have stated why I removed abinstall from ArchBang, it was just to much work to maintain. Copying a working system to a new install is a simple way to get user up and running in a very short time and without a network connection.

That said I do look forward to seeing anything you come up with wink

Comments, suggestions please feel free to contact me mrgreen(at)archbang(dot)org


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Re: ArchBang reborn?

Hi guys,

First to Tommaso: nice idea, hard work to implement I believe :-)

Then to Mr. Green: thanks for maintaining ArchBang! I have just stumled upon it and would like to give it a try but it seems to be just in a state of re-building, right?

I am especially curious about the following scenario:

-> put syslinux and ipxe.lkrn to a usb-stick (done that)
-> boot up arch from network that way (done that)
-> install archbang to harddisk

Are there any install-scripts available at the moment that make things easier?

Thanks for your reply...

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