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#1 2016-09-12 11:38:07

From: Rennes
Registered: 2016-09-12
Posts: 11

Coming back to Arch, thanks to ArchBang.

I used arch until it got systemd merged and I had to reinstall it.

I struggled with journald which was taking 98% of my CPU 10 minutes after booting.  Moreover, I have a connection with a captive portal:  I need to connect to internet via wifi, with a javascript enabled web browser to connect via a web portal.

Yesterday I reallized that ArchBang I was running before has a non-systemd version, and that really rocks!

I am currently installing the b43 drivers, and will be ready for the fight thank to your project mrgreen!

Thank you for your decision to keep it somewhat alive.


#2 2016-09-12 13:12:47

Mr Green
Registered: 2010-11-07
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Re: Coming back to Arch, thanks to ArchBang.

Thank you for your kind words, trying to reduce my workload.

Welcome to ArchBang

Comments, suggestions, donations please feel free to contact me mrgreen(at)archbang(dot)org Artix information


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