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SSD not recognized

Hey guys.

So, I've been using my laptop since a couple of month now, and it seems that it has a little problem caused by i don't know what.

So, I have my archbang installed on an SSD on an Asus Zenbook UX305FA ( )

I've been able to use it normally since then, but for the second time, a problem appears.

The SSD seems to not be recognized anymore, and i automatically boot in the BIOS (or uefi, whatever).

The thing is, I don't know what is the problem, if it may be caused by an update or something I did wrong (even though i haven't installed anything weird or changed any config file since a few weeks now)

I'm atm creating a new bootable USB with Arch Bang to access it.
(I booted normally on dec 31, and it was shutdown since then btw
EDIT, i m on the laptop right now, and it seems that the ssd is really not recognized, here is the result of  ls /dev
I m guessing sda is actually my USB flash drivem but therefore there should be a sdb? I m not able to chroot my root or boot partition

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