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Hello Archbang Users! Just made the switch from Arch Linux :D

Hello All,

I am Tactux (Tac = my initials; tux = Linux penguin) I have been a solid Arch user for quite a long time. Recently I have decided to try out various Arch derivatives in VM. I did not like what I saw, for a pure arch user these systems felt very bloated. I did however appreciate the attempts to put the power of arch in the hands of enthusiastic new Linux users. Then I found Archbang, this distro is "Pure Arch," It just installed my favorite DE by default. Its not bloated, and needs some setting up just like pure Arch. It just installs Openbox from the get-go. I was very impressed by Archbang, if you have ever installed pure Arch, you will also notice the installation of Archbang goes through every step of a pure Arch install. The only difference is that the step have been simplified, and a majority of the hard work is done for you. To cut a long story short I was so impressed after setting It up in a VM that I decided to make it my main OS, after I crashed the Arch kernel testing the stability of the new LXQt desktop beta. What started as an install just to test Archbang before reinstalling pure Arch, has become the sole OS on my system that I refuse to remove...I mean pure Arch, with a slightly simplified install IT"S GREAT! big_smile I hope to have a wonderful experience with you all on this forum. Thanks for reading my introduction, have a wonderful day.

Best regards --Tactux


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Re: Hello Archbang Users! Just made the switch from Arch Linux :D

Hi Tactux, welcome  and I hope will keep enjoying AB.

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Please! Always give hardware info, if there is a chance that 's relevant: #lspci -vnn
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