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Justbrowsing handy kiosk system based on Arch , no persistent effects

JustBrowsing is a bootable Linux "Live CD" that does not make any changes to the existing operating system on the computer. Enjoy a simple computing experience with only a web browser (your choice of Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome). Bundled webapps include a calculator, text editor, timer and more that are always one click away. Try JustBrowsing, it's safe, secure and no install necessary.
    Just the right amount of bookmarks included.     Handy addons are already installed

Designed with old machines in mind. Don't throw out your old computer, put JustBrowsing on it! No logins, no malware, no sluggish boot. Perfect for guests. Boot from CD-ROM, USB, hard drive, I-ODD, or Virtual Machine. Releases are built with the latest version of Firefox (stable) and Chrome (stable). Both are loaded up with useful bookmarks and sensible extensions "out of the box" with the freedom to add your own and even to sync your profile with Firefox Sync or Chrome Sign-in.
DuckDuckGo or choose another search engine     .
Intruder detected! 4 failed    

Privacy is important and your browsing history is erased when you turn off the computer. The default search uses DuckDuckGo which does not track your search history and does not "filter bubble". Ad blocking is installed to protect you from misleading links and tracking advertisements. "Do not track" is enabled too. JustBrowsing comes with a lockscreen to protect your privacy if you have to leave the computer and alerts you of intruders. The JustBrowsing project is free and open source. Based on ArchLinux i686 (32-bit). Also available optimized for x86_64 (64-bit). Now, by popular demand, OnlyChrome and OnlyFirefox flavors too.

JustBrowsing uses the lightweight i3 window manager to keep the experience uncluttered and without window borders. A bottom panel, adeskbar, displays the time and date, and has many settings visible - no hunting around. A single-window paradigm allows the browser to maximize the available screen real estate.

Webapps can be launched from this panel or toggle the browser session. NetworkManager applet automatically connects to wired networks and makes it easy to connect to wifi networks. The volume is controlled by the pnmixer applet or volume keys. Advanced audio settings can be adjusted using pavucontrol. The keymap is set and can be selected using the jbxkb applet which was created for this project.

The jb-config GUI utility is a new way to manage settings and can change the screen resolution, timezone, language, keymap, homepage and default browser. An optional configuration file may be created on media (that must be labeled JUSTDATA) to save preferences persistently. Unlike some other browser-based distros, JustBrowsing supports USB printing (supported printers).

There is a developer version available if you want to customize it.
A pity it doesn't seem to successful if you look at slow development and not so many downloads.

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