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So, I have a bit of experience with Linux, though I mostly must use Windows because of specific software needs (music notation and sampling). I once built my own Arch system, and enjoyed doing so, but really don't have time for it (I wish I did).

I would like to try Archbang for a friend, and old woman with no computer skills, running an Atom netbook with 1gb ram. I tried Slax but it's still slow and things don't work consistently (Firefox and Opera both crash).

I know people will say Archbang isn't for someone completely computer illiterate, but she has no intention of doing anything to the OS. I'm hoping I can setup for her Skype and Firefox, and she'll never have to worry about the computer again. Is Archbang a good solution for this? Or could it randomly 'break' from an automatic upgrade?



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Re: hi

saur wrote:

Or could it randomly 'break' from an automatic upgrade?

Randomly break - not very often but possible

You're more at risk for not following the Arch directives IMO.  They might put out a warning that an upgrade requires manual config changes -  if you don't follow the procedure the system will not upgrade properly.

I'd be more inclined to say install openssh (key access only) and have you upgrade every week or so remotely


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