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#1 2015-10-02 21:23:39

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Hey guys, I'm Back. I know I don't support you like I should...

I am only an end user. I used to love Archbang and then the SHITTY installer happened. I just used the Archbang REBOOTED 64 bit ISO and I GOTTA say, MR GREEN and CARLD have got it going on again.

HOLY CRAP!!! This new installer and LOOK of the install remind me when Willxtream and CTKarch were around.

Verry Nice, you pulled me BACK in and even Plasma 5 is simple to install and use.

I know I am a wierdo. I love the lightweight Openbox, but the Apps of KDE.

So hey I will soon, drop some cash towards 'The Natty Ice(coffee) fund,  AWESOME October ISO. THANKS GUYS!!!!


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