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Hello from a Manjaro user

I have been using Manjaro for quite a while now.  In fact I have three computers two of which have Manjaro and the third has ArchBang.

I am thinking of replacing Manjaro simply to get away from systemd.  I am currently in the process of repalcing systemd on the ArchBang laptop.  If it works, I'll do the same with Manjaro if not I'll replace Manjaro with a systemd free distro like Void.


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Mr Green
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Re: Hello from a Manjaro user

Void might be the way to go, ArchBang can be converted too run systemd free but keeping it that way (and working!) might be an uphill struggle. Take a look at obarun (on these forums) or possibly Alpinelinux (personal choice).  Did have an iso based on Voidlinux called Sprinlinux but Void's developer got a little upset so we decided to drop the idea.

Welcome too ArchBang wink

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