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Hello, from a Linux Mint guy.


Started using Linux 2 years ago. Got in to it when I started playing with Bitcoin (because I wanted to generate some unnecessarily secure private keys). It was this first experience of Linux that made me realize that I actually hated everything about Mac OSX, so I bought a Thinkpad X220 off eBay, installed Linux Mint, and started using it as my main computer.

I haven't looked back since.

Now, my time with Linux Mint has been nothing short of marvelous. Cinnamon is gorgeous, it comes with a lovely set of pre-installed programs, and I've had no trouble at all with any piece of hardware I've attached to it. Even my fucking printer works with it.

But now that I'm Richard Stallman, each time I do a fresh install of Mint I strip it down to nothing and only install things I want (XFCE, Openbox, i3 / Inkscape, Leafpad, Zim, Bluefish, Ranger, etc.). So clearly it's time to cruise on to Arch Linux and create my system from the ground up.

All in all, I'd say that it has been about 6 months since I began trying to install Arch Linux.

I get painfully close each time, and I've learnt a hell of a lot about partitioning drives, but it has been a rough time for me nonetheless. I tried to remedy this with Manjaro, but aside from the easy-install I didn't love it. I was about to throw in the Arch towel, but then I found out about ArchBang.

So here I am.

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Re: Hello, from a Linux Mint guy.

Glad to hear you are giving ArchBang a try.

I also used Mint on my current computer until a few months ago.  I bought the little square PC from Zareason with Mint pre-installed.  When Mint moved to a new version, I decided to look for a rolling distro and chose ArchBang as the best of the bunch for my needs.

Speaking of how you are building from the ground up, installing a Linux From Scratch to a VM or second PC can really teach you a lot about Linux without using any particular distro's tools.  It was fun and exhausting, and I recommend it.  I'll get around to doing it again one of these days.

I haven't used a Mac for some time, but the only things I didn't like was the way the menus and window buttons looked.  I bought my wife the first generation of imac or emac or whatever it was, the little square one, just before they switched over to Intel.  It ran good for about 4 years.

I hope you have a lot of fun adding to your ArchBang.


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