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New to Archbang


I was a Windows user from smalltimes (c. 1990) until starting graduate school in 2008. I used Ubuntu, and dabbled with Arch Linux at some point during that time, until I finished graduate school in 2009. Then I got a job and was given a Macbook Pro for work. I stopped using Linux until a friend mentioned he finished building a computer and had installed Chakra. When he explained that it was based on Arch, I remembered all the "fun" I had installing Arch as a novice Linux user and immediately decided to install Arch, a derivative of Arch, or something like Arch the first chance I got.

(I'm not much more than a novice user now, but lord I can Google and I'm generally unafraid of blowing up my computer.)

I had a 250GB laptop hard drive laying around and decided I'd pop it into my Windows desktop to install Arch. I installed Arch the old fashioned way a couple of times, learning a lot about Arch and the limits of my patience in the process. I could never get the bootloader to install correctly - never showed other OSes, BIOS wouldn't recognize the drive, etc, - and had just about despaired. Then earlier this week I read about Archbang in a Linux magazine, and thought it sounded promising.

Promise fulfilled. Now I'm the fanciest lad on the block.

I learned a lot from installing Archbang. It filled in some of the blanks from my reg'lar install attempts. You done good with this Archbang business.




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Re: New to Archbang

Hi Menloe,
Thank you for taking the trouble to tell your history of computing. It is exactly for users like you that we are providing Archbang; Glad it worked OK for you and hope you will keep enjoying it in the future.

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Please! Always give hardware info, if there is a chance that 's relevant: #lspci -vnn
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