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Crunchbang development has halted..., for now unless someone picks it

I saw this on Manjaro forums, plus a friend sent me an email, and confimed on Crunchbang, but whatever:

It looks like the dev "Ceremonial" is taking a much wanted/needed break for awhile, but needless to say, I wish him the best, as always.
Crunchbang helped me understand Openbox, conky, ...,  and eventually led me to Archbang.
Crunchbang was, in fact,  the "original" Openbox (Debian-based) distro, long before Archbang.
Crunchbang, aka "#!", also helped put "conky", ..., in the limelight.

I have nuthin' but praise for that absolute "lightest" of ALL Debian-based distro's Distro, as well as the Crunchbang Community as a whole.
...happy trails all.

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