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#1 2015-02-07 14:50:07

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Hi all, I came for an issue...

...but I will most definitely stay, even though I love live distros above all -- like Tiny Core and Puppy Linux.
As the included programs are excellent, and of course: Arch Linux is excellent!

And now that you can install it on an UEFI system, it's perfect for me (got a new Windows 8 computer).
But I'm still researching what the install script really does with the EFI partition, before installing the latest ArchBang.

I'm working on my own distro and Linux programs, including a game and a game engine -- all to be libre, cooperative, expansive efforts.

Windows 8 is such a bloatware... the whole thing, luckily I got a powerful computer with it, to take to completely new heights with my own C++ programs on Linux! Yess! That will be awesome XD


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