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#1 2014-10-25 08:31:28

Mr Green
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On reflection

Not really much happening at the moment. Am still testing new installer to iron out some features. New kernel may bring some new challenges. My laptop touchpad buttons stopped working a wireless mouse seems to fix the problem.

The ArchAssualt team have offered us use of their mirrors for our ISO and possibly any packages we require.

Interesting thread on void linux, have started looking at getting arch working with runit init system. My first attempt was not exactly good managed to get arch to boot, early days yet.

Currently in a chateau in France for a few days, coding, mailing Oliver and drinking lots wine....

ArchBang was based on Crunchbang, a fine Debian based distro we just add the power of archlinux :-)

Comments, suggestions, donations please feel free to contact me mrgreen(at)archbang(dot)org Artix information


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