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#1 2014-10-07 00:14:45

Mr Green
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Systemd and open source

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Re: Systemd and open source

I do think that LP takes a lot of unwarranted personal abuse but I'm not really sure where he's coming from when raising the issue of race.  Seems like that will only exacerbate the situation and lead to more accusations of narcissism and so on.


#3 2014-10-07 11:04:18

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Re: Systemd and open source

I think he means that in a culture where male honour is a much more cherished thing than in the Western world, the Linux fights may be incomprehensible.
Anyway I agree that attacks should be as matter of fact as possible and not directed towards  the person.
Nor should they be hateful or personally aggressive. I hope and trust I didn't make that mistake and hope that people will correct me when I do cross that line.

On the other hand  I think that the direction some people are taking in matters of software development has to do with their personal style and psyche.

We all know the control freaks, who want to be sure that things are going their way. If it is not done their way, things must go wrong.
They force their preoccupations on you. The atmosphere they create is rather oppressive and is bound to get a lot of steam from free spirits.
LP doesn't take in account that aspect of his work and plays it all down to personal characteristics of his opponents. That is not fair and in a polite way without cursing he is doing the same as what he reproaches his opponents to do, i.e. attacking them personally.
What people like myself find really startling is that some people  want so much control and power over an operating system like it is implicit in systemd.
And it is quite obvious that there was  and is a power struggle going on and that is the center of the matter  and of the discussion regarding systemd.

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