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Intersting:Alpha Evo/Lution-AIS Installer v0.1: First Look!

This looks like a important step forwards: … d=191#p191

There have been a substantial amount of modifications, additions, and removals in respect to the original AIS and AUI scripts (including the fact that it is now just one script!):

* First option to set keymap has been changed to use setxkbmap instead of loadkeys, as the installer is being run from a terminal.

* Time-zone and clock options have been merged

* The terminal editor selection option has been removed (nano  is now used by default)

* New options have been added for user account configuration, and for the installation of ALSA and Xorg, DEs/WMs, and DMs.

* Graphics card installations - except where Vbox is being used - are no longer fully automated. A new menu is presented instead (allowing for wider choice, and hopefully less problems in the future).

* Some cosmetic changes have been undertaken. A few more are in the works.

And there is still plenty of work to do, but - again - should be ready in just over a week.

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