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FIFA : great soccer game

That was a great game.
Too bad FIFA is run by a small bunch of corrupt Tax dodgers and lobbyists/advertisers, and the $Billions of dollars those few rake in every 4 years, instead, should be going to the "host" countries peoples', such as Brazil today.
But hey, what big Sports control isn't full of corruption these days ?

...still, it was a good Soccer final, all 'round.

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Re: FIFA : great soccer game

Totally agree with you. It was a great game - a worthy final. And as always - 22 people play a game - the germans win. smile
Also a big thanks to the people of Brazil who made this the best WC ever. They were just fantastic!

btw it's football not soccer tongue

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Re: FIFA : great soccer game

I kind of disagree with pjhalsli.
Brazil 2014 was NOT the best WC.
Presentation and Closing events were really boring and low budget compared to SouthCorea/Japan (i.e.)
Stadiums were not finished at all, some workers died trying to finish at time.
People at Brazil were against WC at Brazil, because it was a insane waste of people's money (taxes).
It's not a good economic stage right now.

In the other hand It was a good WC because the teams: Costa Rica was a nice surprise.
Spain and France were a shock surprise as they leave really soon the competition.

And people from Brazil were not nice, at least with Argentina.
They were against Argentina from very start.
They wanted Argentina losses, went to Bosnia, Nigeria and Iran match and cheers for them.
Went to Switzerland and Belgium match and cheers for them
Then they lose by 1-7 with Germany and the lose again 0-3 with Holland

The night before final match, they launched firecrackers until 4:00 am near Argentina's hotel
to annoy with loud explosions and make Argentina team can't sleep well.
They went to the Final and cheers for Germany, the one who made them 7 goals (Never ever Brazil suffered such embarrasing defeat)

That's not FAIR PLAY.

It's very known rivality between Brazil and Argentina, but they were a bunch of assholes.

BTW, I'm from Argentina and our team was not the best,
but we could made it to the finals and we're proud of them.

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Re: FIFA : great soccer game

Congrats dragonauta, your guys did good.  You have nothing to hang your head about, best 2 out of 3, Argentina has just as much chance as Germany to win. You have a right to be proud.  I'm not much of a soccer fan but I must admit I did enjoy watching the teams play.

Pjhalsli, it is soccer for people in North America, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland probably because those places have something else called football.  In the states the best football is played, of course, in Seattle.  Go Hawks!

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