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Persistent LiveUSB? (Save Changes)

Hey guys,

I was wondering if with the latest release of ArchBang if it is possible to have a persistent LiveUSB mode to save changes made to the system across reboots. I'd rather not make a complete install at this time.

I've tried using the "changes" boot parameter to no avail. I've also read to use changes=/dev/mediatosavetohere but that hasn't seemed to work either. Lastly, I've also tried using the "persistent" boot parameter which also has not worked.

So I wonder if its even possible at all using the current ArchBang release, or if I'm doing it wrong and someone can please correct me.

I have managed to get persistence with the Crunchbang distro (which was quite easy btw) but, I'd rather have an Arched based distro for a number of reasons.



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Re: Persistent LiveUSB? (Save Changes)

I found this on the Arch wiki: … _a_USB_key
and another page:
Follow the Beginners' Guide to install. When it comes time to edit /etc/fstab, you should use the following. Add one line to move /tmp into ram, use UUID to use persistent naming and change your primary mountpoint to "noatime,nodiratime" to reduce wear:

tmpfs            /tmp    tmpfs    nosuid,nodev    0 0
UUID=...         /     ext2     defaults,noatime,nodiratime     0 1

source: … rd_install

So make it ext2 , no journaling file system to prolong usb life.
You can determine uuid by: sudo blkid

Hope this helps! And let us know how you did it!

Btw this will be a normal permanent install, see

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Re: Persistent LiveUSB? (Save Changes)


I was hoping to avoid an install and instead use LiveUSB persistence (less time consuming and more flexible), but it doesn't seem feasible. I'll have a stab at the install and see how it goes.



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