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New release of Siduction: 13.01 Firestarter

We are very happy to present to you the final release of siduction 2013.1 - Firestarter. Siduction is a distribution based on Debian's unstable branch and we try to release snapshots quarterly.

Siduction 2013.1 is shipped with 5 Desktop-Environments: KDE SC, XFCE, LXDE, GNOME, and Razor-qt, all in 32- and 64-bit variants. From the shipped DEs only LXDE and Razor-Qt fit on a CD with 700 MegaByte. But as CDs become more irrelevant with every day, we are not too worried about this and recommend to use USB-Sticks for installation.

New in this release cycle is GNOME 3, that we are happy to officially present. Also officially shipped for the first time is noX, a variant without a X-Server, meant for users that prefer to work without an X environment completely or wish to build their own environment pretty much from scratch.

The released images are a snapshot of Debian unstable, that also goes by the name of Sid, from 2013-05-20. They are enhanced with some useful packages and scripts, our own installer and a custom patched version of the linux-kernel 3.9.3, accompanied by X-Server 1.12.4-6.

Since Debian has released Wheezy just recently, we use the opportunity to release a current snapshot of the archive, after the opened floodgates after the end of the freeze have flushed a plethora of fresh packages into Sid.

Only the lxde version fits on a cd.
Download here.
People that have a ATI Radeon videocard should read the release notes before using it.

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