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#1 2013-05-02 20:57:10

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Faster Stable Updates for Manjaro? Good or Bad?

I saw this on the Manjaro blog: [News] Faster Stable Updates.  I am not sure if I like this.  I had been happy with the occasional and well defined updates.  I haven't had any problems.  On my ArchBang install, the last time I updated I had a broken Xorg, so I rebooted back into ManjaroBang.  IMO one of the best parts of the previous delay was being able to go to the Arch forum and look for posts on things that were broke.  Now if there is only a few hours difference between Arch and Manjaro, I may lose that "benefit".  Since I don't use any of the GUI tools, there may not be an advantage to using Manjaro as my base.  If any of you have more inside info, let me know if I am interpreting this announcement incorrectly.

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#2 2013-05-03 00:28:25

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Re: Faster Stable Updates for Manjaro? Good or Bad?

If this system brings in unreliability then I'm sure the Manjaro team will change it, or revert to the previous system.

They are far from being hard nosed about these things, they welcome input from the Manjaro community & listen to it attentively.


#3 2013-05-03 00:46:51

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Re: Faster Stable Updates for Manjaro? Good or Bad?

I tend to keep a live version on a usb drive just for when I get an issue with an update or application.

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