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Eclipse freezes in graphical view.


I have recently discoverd one problem with Eclipse on ArchBang. When I open wsdl file(for webservice developement) in Eclipse in graphical mode, eclipse freezes. First I thought it may be problem with Eclipse or Openbox. But if I open same file on CrunchBang, it does not give problem. I looked at the logs in eclipse, but it did not show me anything. I also started eclipse from terminal window to see if I get any message in terminal, but I did not get any message. Previously I had installed Arch Linux with Open Box. That time also I had faced same problem. Do I need to install something related to gtk or something? I am not able to figure out. I don't think there is problem with Eclipse because it runs good on CrunchBang. It only gave me problem on Arch Linux + Openbox or ArchBang.

Please note : Eclipse runs without any problem on Archbang except when I open wsdl file in graphical mode, it freezes. Otherwise everything runs nice and smooth.

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