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Howto install openrc as replacement of systemd

See the Arch wiki:

OpenRC is an alternate init system developed by Gentoo developers. OpenRC is a dependency based init system that works with the system provided init program, normally /sbin/init. It is not a replacement for /sbin/init.


OpenRC is available in the AUR. You can choose to install either openrc or openrc-git package. You will also need to install openrc-arch-services-git (provides service files for use with openrc on arch)
and openrc-sysvinit (a slightly patched version of traditional sysvinit)

The packages will be installed under /etc/openrc instead of the default location of /etc, so that users can switch to initscripts or systemd when desired.

For booting with OpenRC add init=/sbin/init-openrc to the kernel line in your bootloader configuration. If you want to go back to systemd replace it with init=/usr/lib/systemd/systemd.

For detailed instructions on configuring OpenRC, read the man pages, visit the gentoo guide and the gentoo wiki.

It is worth noting that the udev service is not enabled by default. In order to enable it, do:

# rc-update add udev sysinit

Warning: The openrc package lacks networking support. You can use net-tools or netcfg to deal with that.

You have to enable the openrc repo by putting it on top of your


SigLevel = Never
Server =

See also:

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Re: Howto install openrc as replacement of systemd

Nice, thanks Pablo.
you should definitely "Sticky" this..., and/or link it back or forth from the


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