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#1 2012-11-08 06:15:58

Mr Green
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Latest news on initscripts future … s-support/

End of initscripts support

2012-11-04 - Tom Gundersen

As systemd is now the default init system, Arch Linux is receiving minimal testing on initscripts systems. Due to a lack of resources and interest, we are unlikely to work on fixing initscripts-specific bugs, and may close them as WONTFIX.

We therefore strongly encourage all users to migrate to systemd as soon as possible. See the systemd migration guide.

To ease the transition, initscripts support will remain in the official repositories for the time being, unless otherwise stated. As of January 2013, we will start removing initscripts support (e.g., rc scripts) from individual packages without further notice.

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Re: Latest news on initscripts future

And my answer to that: … cripts-too smile

Because of this I've decided that it is time for the initscripts fork to ship the daemons scripts before they start to vanish from the repositories/packages. Today they hit the initscripts git repository and are installable as separate package for now, initscripts-daemons-git that is. You will have to install it with the force flag and it is probably going to cause some issues on upgrades but it is there for when the rc.d/daemon scripts start to dissapear and you are wandering how to get them back. You can ufcourse install them manually with:


    git clone --depth=1
    cd initscripts
    sudo make install_daemons

GNU/Linux does not stop you from doing stupid things, because that would also stop you from doing clever things.


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