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Hello from Minnesota

And thank you for creating Archbang! I starting using Linux back in 2003 and stopped "distro hopping" in 2007 with PCLinuxOS (KDE version). While I still use it on my desktop computer, I needed something lighter for my ancient A31 Thinkpad.

While it was a challenge to get past the various "update hurdles", I have managed to successfully install & update it on two other machines and for a friend in virtualbox. Having noticed that a lot of people are still having problems getting past the glibc issues, I was thinking of writing a command by command guide, but wondered how helpful it would be given there will be a new iso coming out soon, and also  I had noticed the update troubles were a bit different each time I did an install.

I'm assuming this is because the further we get from the May release, different issues crop up. Anyway, look forward to testing the new release when it comes out, and thanks again for creating not only a easier way to install Arch, but a really nice implementation of Openbox.


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Re: Hello from Minnesota

tc_archer wrote:

I'm assuming this is because the further we get from the May release, different issues crop up.

That is it exactly.  Every Arch user had the glibc issue (unless they *never* update) but when you add it to a few other annoying little changes it builds up to a major headache and can render the AB releases obsolete rather quickly.

The good news is that it only affects new users.  If you keep things up to date you will only get occasional issues (and they're often well documented by the upstream Arch folks)


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Re: Hello from Minnesota

Welcome to ArchBang from a "southern" neighbor.  I grew up in Minnesota and visit often.

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