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A smaller (rotating) image on your desktop above your wallpaper:

Somewhere else I already put forward ADComps changing wallpaper:
This is about a smaller image as part or above your wallpaper.
The best way to describe it is a rotating image desklet.
It was put forward here by ADComp:
I always found it a great little script but it seems to be forgotten and had to be a little bit updated:
What you need to edit: link to image directory: line 12
Of course don't forget to create a dedicated folder for this, for instance "home/paul/images/image_desklet " and put one or more images in it.
Time to change image: line 15: in the script I have opted for 100000 seconds, so for a hardly rotating image (especially when you only have one image in the folder); just to make clear you also can choose for that, a non rotating image for a while.
Other things you have to decide is image size and location.
Save the script as image_desklet and make it executable.
Put it in /home/user/.scripts with a symbolic link to /usr/bin

ln -s /home/paul/.scripts/image_desklet /usr/bin/image_desklet

Or directly in /usr/bin.
And put

image_desklet &

as a separate line in /home/user/.config/openbox/

An example, a screen shot of the right bottom corner of my desktop: Y1MwGs.png
Full image:

There is also an extended version of this script:

* Fullscreen mode ( like screensaver )
* add some key 'event' :  Esc -> exit  ,  Space -> pause , left click next  -> image
* transparent border ( need composite )

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On Arch(bang) and Openbox:


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