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#1 2012-05-28 09:25:24

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udev replaced by systemd-tools

From Dave Reisner:

to arch-dev-public 

Hey all,

Just an FYI -- we came across some minor nags in testing last night with
udev containing rules that it couldn't support (due to a missing
systemd-sysctl binary). After some nagging from Tom, we decided that it
was best to simply merge the udev and systemd-tools packages together.
There's a few reasons for this:

- systemd-tools is meant to be a package that everyone can benefit from
 (regardless of PID 1)
- everyone will eventually have systemd-tools installed anyways, as
 initscripts will be using it
- lower maintenance for the PKGBUILD. It's getting ugly with all the
 splitting and juggling required.

systemd-tools doesn't yet belong to the base group, but I'll fix this
today with some other minor changes to the package.


Learn more about systemd at … 65543.html

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