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AB already installed? Why you don't need the newest Archbang release

It has been said so many times; still people, newcomers get confused coming from the Ubuntu update craze and wondering if they should do a reinstall when a new iso appears.

Archbang being a rolling release  is always fully up to date. Well, if you update regularly (do it at least once a month but preferable once a week).
Only decide to a new install when you have serious issues with your present install or want to help us by giving feedback on possible bugs.

grantmcduling wrote:

    Thanks to the team of dedicated developers for a wonderful Linux experience for me so far. But now for a silly question: do I need to download the iso files and burn to CD all over again as I did when first installing AB, or is it sufficient to just do sudo packer -Syyu?

Oliver answered:

Regularly running 'sudo packer -Syyu' will keep your system as up to date as someone who installed the latest iso yesterday with a couple of caveats:

1) your desktop environment won't be using the same scheme as the latest, but this is purely aesthetics.
2) some apps have been removed from older releases and some apps have been added.

If you *really* want the latest look and feel, you can download the source files, find the 'skel' dir and begin copying files the files over (look at .config/tint2 and .config/openbox etc)

The packages are a little more tricky and it's not worth trying to convert IMO.  There are no *major* differences that I'm aware of (although major is, of course, subjective)

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