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Error at install with EFI partitions

I have a 2Tb HDD EFI - GPT partitioned - at an AMD64 machine

I have Mint12 installed at /sdb2 and /sdb4 as / and /home with a /sdb6 swap

I had Ubuntu PP installed at /sdb1 /sdb3 and /sdb6 with the same config

When I go to the install part the partition program does not recognize the EFi - GPT - partition and send me to do it with GNU part, that is not at the menu.

Then i tried not to partition the disk, and format / (sdb1) and mount /sdb3 as /home without formatting and /sda1 as data partition

And then the installer ends with an error.

Must I make partitions in order to add /boot /var and /proc as it is recommended? - I would like to use the Mint12 boot upgrading grub after arch install if it is possible. -

Or is it a problem with GPT / EFI partitions?

Are there any way of improving the installation script with a step or automatic detection for EFI partitions.

Modern computers and HDDs are all EFI I do not understand not supporting this tech.

Thanks in advance for any solution.

PS: I'm installing from USB pendrive the ISO with Multisystem

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Re: Error at install with EFI partitions

FWIW, I installed Arch on a pre-built gpt partition. I had no problem doing so.

Here is the set of articles that taught me everything when I started dealing with gpt:



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