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#1 Re: Openbox » Crash after login » 2016-12-10 17:39:49

Major Tom wrote:

Ps: i prefer Schilling's version.

That won't stop me smile

#2 Re: Openbox » Crash after login » 2016-12-02 17:08:00

Well, thats much easier.  Thanks!

Ground Control to Major Tom - you just need the virtualbox-guest-modules-arch pkg

#3 Re: Openbox » Crash after login » 2016-12-02 10:21:35

Mr Green wrote:

With stock kernel you do not need to use dkms. With dkms kernel updates take forever and I soon stopped using it...


How do the virtualbox modules get updated without dkms?

#4 Re: Openbox » Crash after login » 2016-12-01 08:34:28

You'll need to install the kernel headers pkg (# pacman -S linux-headers)

The modules support multiple kernels - thats why the headers pkg is not a hard dependency.

The following command should install the headers and then re-install, then build, the modules via dkms

pacman -S linux-headers virtualbox-guest-dkms

#5 Re: Openbox » Crash after login » 2016-11-30 15:32:26

I would guess that you don't have virtualbox-guest-dkms installed.  If you're trying and failing to load the virtualbox modules I would assume that means they're not getting rebuilt when a new kernel comes out.

Just a guess

#6 Re: Openbox » Crash after login » 2016-11-30 08:04:44

Ground control to Major Tom...

What happens if you hit ctrl-alt-f2 at the same time?  Do you get a login prompt?  If so, you could log in and use journalctl to view the logs

#7 Re: Openbox » [SOLVED] Require login before X session » 2016-11-26 07:54:06

eric wrote:

a tricks :

[[ -z $DISPLAY && $XDG_VTNR -le 3 ]] && exec startx

with this, you can log on from the first 3 tty. if you change the number 3 by 10, you can log on from the ten first tty and so on

Nice - much better.  Thanks!

rearden - I'm not sure if mrgreen is doing some magic behind the scenes but it's probably being automatically logged in via /etc/inittab

Edit that file (as root) and look for the TERMINALS section.  One entry will be modified (with the original hashed out) - you'll need to flip that (so the line with the username gets hashed out and the original line that matches the others is restored)
Once you've edited (and if you're unsure, make a copy) reboot.  The bash profile entries might already be there depending on how you set the account up.  It should at least stop the automatic login.

Technically, you don't need to reboot, you could just drop to runlevel2 and then back up to runlevel3 but you probably want to test it properly.

Word of warning - messing up inittab can render the O/S unusable without an alternate way to boot up and mount the hard drive... nothing that can't be recovered but bear it in mind.

#8 Re: Openbox » [SOLVED] Require login before X session » 2016-11-25 18:11:44

Easiest way, IMO, is to remove any kind of login manager so you're presented with a regular text based login when booting up.  Then add the following to your .bashrc

[[ -z $DISPLAY && $XDG_VTNR -eq 1 ]] && exec startx

You may have to adjust the VTNR number if OpenRC doesn't default to tty1 (but I think it does)

Obviously, X will only work with your login (but you could add it to /etc/profile.d/ and I don't see why it wouldn't work for all)

#9 Re: Upcoming Changes to the Arch System » Booting from (luks)lvm broken FS#51818 - [lvm2] readline 7 breaks lvm2 » 2016-11-15 18:13:50

In reading the bug report, it seems that it's a problem with the order in which pacman installs the pkgs.... so it upgrades readline (which breaks lvm) then upgrades the kernel and finally upgrades lvm but the kernel hooks in mkinicpio were built against the older lvm.

I think all Arch installations that use lvm would be affected regardless of init system.

#10 Re: Announcements » ArchBang will live on.... » 2016-09-15 19:42:53

Mr Green wrote:

Would such a terminal need something like compton to work? Certainly know what you mean, might be worth looking at....

You're right, it would - didn't think of that...  I'm using compton-git because the regular compton in the repo took up about 20% CPU all the time (compton-git is negligible)

Xcompmgr is also available but only seems to get an update every 3 years.

#11 Re: Arch Discussions » Re-mastered version of ArchBang openRC » 2016-09-15 06:17:17

oskari.rauta wrote:

Tip: Right-clicking the chromium icon opens a menu where one can choose incognito mode.

IIRC, you can also add ' --incognito' to default to incognito

Thanks for sharing

#12 Re: Announcements » ArchBang will live on.... » 2016-09-14 15:17:06

Another option would be a windowless transparent terminal running a 'while true' script displaying data (or even just the keybindings)

#13 Re: Installation » Solved. Heavy download since upgrade?? » 2016-09-07 07:51:33

For the CPU issue, use 'top' to see what is running and taking up cycles

For the 'robot' stuff, use 'sudo netstat -a|grep -i est' to see what connections are established

You could also run wireshark and see what is happening over the network

#14 Re: Openbox » Unable to show e-mail in conky » 2016-09-04 19:50:51

I just ran the script and it gives output like:

3/2 new

meaning 3 emails in total, 2 of which are unread

If you just want to see the number of new you can change line 25 to be

print(total - seen, 'new')

New output is

2 new

For what it's worth, I'd say it's worth changing lines 16 and 28 too

Line 16

print('?? new')

Might be better as

print('failed to login')

Line 28 might be better as

print('failed to get new count')

Just makes it a bit more obvious where the script fails if/when google change something

It might mess up your conky display if you have specific widths set so it's purely a cosmetic issue but it's nice to know what part of the script is bombing out

#15 Re: Offtopic » Its my birthday » 2016-09-04 19:21:03

I'm late, so this is either a belated birthday greeting or early one for next year

#16 Re: Openbox » Unable to show e-mail in conky » 2016-09-01 07:30:25

Does the script work outside of conky?  What is the output if you run it from a terminal?

#17 Re: Pacman/Packages » Error invoking external downloader » 2016-08-29 18:03:36

I don't know what is going on but:

$ grep ^depends kio/PKGBUILD
depends=('solid' 'kjobwidgets' 'kbookmarks' 'libxslt' 'kwallet' 'desktop-file-utils' 'kinit')

$ grep ^depends kinit/PKGBUILD

So, kio depends on kinit and kinit depends on kio hence your dependency cycle.

I think you've got to wait for a version bump in the Arch repo

#18 Re: Openbox » Can't find .conkyrc (solved) » 2016-07-27 08:52:15

It might be being set in /etc/conkey/conky.conf

Otherwise, run 'ps -ef|grep conky' and look for the path after the -C flag.

Your English is fine.

#20 Re: Offtopic » End of pacman? » 2016-06-20 21:30:08

Don't redhat have their own implementation too?  flatpack or something

#21 Re: Hardware & Multimedia » A program to look through pictures in a folder » 2016-06-18 07:14:49

The answer is in the first error message:

if you're sure a package manager is not already running, you can remove /var/lib/pacman/db.lck

# rm /var/lib/pacman/db.lck
# pacman -Syu qiv

#22 Re: Hardware & Multimedia » TP-LINK AC600 Wireless Dual Band Adapter - shoud it work in ArchBang » 2016-06-18 07:13:03

base-devel is a meta package comprising of all the packages you need to compile software.  The only reason not to select 'all' is if you have an alternate version of one of the listed packages and you don't want to overwrite it.  In this case, you're safe to select 'all'

#23 Re: Hardware & Multimedia » TP-LINK AC600 Wireless Dual Band Adapter - shoud it work in ArchBang » 2016-06-17 15:26:02

fossiili wrote:

"[root@archbang ukki]# packer -Ss 7610
bash: packer: command not found
[root@archbang ukki]# pacman -S packer 
error: target not found: packer

This is the classic Arch catch 22.

To easily install something from AUR, you need an AUR helper which is only found in the AUR.

You can find an easy way to install packer here

But you might have to adjust it for dates.  It's really worth understanding what is going on in the background here too.  Essentially, you're grabbing source code, compiling it and then installing.
There's also a packer install script somewhere in the ISO and it's always a good idea to read it to see what's going on

#24 Re: SystemD free projects » No wireless connection after update [solved] » 2016-06-14 01:38:28

I don't have an answer but this question looks very much like what someone on the Arch forum reported … 0#p1634420

May be worth keeping an eye on that thread or downgrading anything network related from the previous upgrade

#25 Re: Installation » (Solved) Double Directory at /home??? » 2016-06-13 06:57:08

One thing to remember is that linux (and unix) go by UID and the name associated with it (clive or ABLive) is based on the mapping in /etc/passwd

I'd verify your entries in /etc/passwd

$ grep live /etc/passwd

Make sure your home dir as set there matches what you think it should be

#26 Re: Announcements » Summer releases are systemd free!!! » 2016-06-06 06:43:32

Silure wrote:

I love Archbang the way it is

Now that you've installed, you just need to continue to update regularly and you'll be fine.  The only problem you'll have is if you try to re-install from the last systemd based Archbang ISO in the future.  This is because the first update you do will *probably* find a few conflicts and so on and it gets to the point where re-installing is quicker than fixing.

#27 Re: Pacman/Packages » How to install brasero ... » 2016-06-06 06:39:47

$ sudo pacman -Syu
This will update your repositories and upgrade any existing installed packages

$ sudo pacman -Ss brasero
This will search for brasero in the repo

$ sudo pacman -S brasero
This will install brasero

This page, while it's really a comparison of pacman to other package managers, has all the commands you'd ever need until you're at developer level

#28 Re: Pacman/Packages » Packer 2016 » 2016-05-22 18:05:46


You can eliminate the 'mv' by adding '-O packer' to the wget command (for output filename)


#29 Re: FAQs, Tips & Tutorials » How to install packer » 2016-05-19 17:38:34

igorka wrote:

pacman -S --needed base-devel git --noconfirm
:: There are 26 members in group base-devel:
:: Repository core
   1) autoconf  2) automake  3) binutils  4) bison  5) fakeroot  6) file
   7) findutils  8) flex  9) gawk  10) gcc  11) gettext  12) grep  13) groff
   14) gzip  15) libtool  16) m4  17) make  18) pacman  19) patch
   20) pkg-config  21) sed  22) sudo  23) texinfo  24) util-linux  25) which
:: Repository openrc-eudev
   26) util-linux-nosystemd

Enter a selection (default=all):

Looks like you hit <return> for all here but you have I think you need to select everything *but* #24 (which is provided by #26)

#30 Re: Openbox » Issue with locale. Not showing languages other then English » 2016-05-17 06:44:02

Edit /etc/locale.gen and enable/disable what you want

As root, run locale-gen

#31 Re: Pacman/Packages » sudo pacman -Syyu does not work SOLVED » 2016-05-15 20:32:57

Take a look at /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist and unhash some mirrors close to your location, then run the command again

#32 Re: Installation » lxterminal - extra characters when pasting » 2016-05-13 11:13:56

Sounds like it might be 'bracketed paste' mode.  Look in the options for something disabling it (or try another terminal)

#33 Re: SystemD free projects » Obarun feedback thread » 2016-05-05 06:39:33

eric wrote:

Hello there, an important projects begin on obarun, replacing Runit by S6. Actually i can boot on it with graphical support.

Do you think S6 will be the init method going forward or is this just testing it out?

#34 Re: Openbox » (Solved) Pcmanfm Problems » 2016-04-30 17:58:28

If you're using vim to edit the files it makes a copy with a ~ extension.  You can disable it if you like in .vimrc (I think it's 'set nobackup' but I might be wrong.)

If you recognize them as files you edited then they're safe to delete

#35 Re: Arch Discussions » run a script via ssh » 2016-04-29 14:14:54

that will run ./script if ./script is on the remote server.  I guess if you want to leave it running something like this would work

ssh user@remote "nohup ./script" &

If ./script is local you'll need something like:

ssh user@remote 'bash -s' < ./script &

All thoroughly untested of course

Depending on the situation you might find something like tmux a better fit

ssh to remote... run tmux... detach session... exit.  The script will keep running and you can re-attach at a later date (assuming the remote box doesn't reboot)

#36 Re: Installation » Poweroff » 2016-04-28 06:30:33

If you're not sure then you're almost certainly not using it.

A quick search of other sites suggests that it might be a BIOS issue... look for settings like 'always on USB' or 'wake up LAN' and try toggling them.  Sorry, but you might have to search for your motherboard and 'can't shutdown' on google

#37 Re: Installation » Poweroff » 2016-04-27 17:31:43

Are you using slim as a login manager?  I think that was one of the reasons it was no longer supported.

#38 Re: Introductions » Hello from Greece » 2016-04-27 08:51:23

I would guess that the HDMI card is the default and that's (probably) not what you want.

It's been a while but I think you need to create a file called /etc/asound.conf with the following

defaults.pcm.card 1
defaults.pcm.device 0

If it doesn't work after a reboot, look for 'alsa default hdmi ALC892' or variations thereof in google (or try toggling the device 0 for device 1 - basically look at the output from aplay -l and work accordingly)

#39 Re: Introductions » Hello from Greece » 2016-04-27 07:26:52

what is the output of aplay -l

$ aplay -l

#40 Re: Offtopic » User from the past dropping in to say, "Hi!" » 2016-04-27 06:33:35

eric wrote:

I've always wondered if it was the developer who asked to implement this policy or if it was the moderators who farts a lead

I understand that with that many users they need structure and rules but it seems like new users are treated with suspicion rather than embraced.  I should add that not all the mods/admins are like this though and most are friendly and helpful - you just tend to remember the harsh ones.

Sometimes when reading through there I feel like this:

#41 Re: Offtopic » User from the past dropping in to say, "Hi!" » 2016-04-26 14:12:42

ratcheer wrote:

I hardly dare to say anything in the Arch forums or irc channels.

Pretty sad indictment.  Their moderation can definitely be a little "robust" at times :-)

#42 Re: Installation » Issues Installing ArchBang from USB » 2016-04-20 09:13:24

The 512MB FAT32 partition makes me think you have a UEFI/GPT setup.   If so (and /dev/sda1 is / ) you could possibly try something like this (but there are assumptions so don't take it as a precise guide)

boot off a live image
live$ sudo bash
# mount /dev/sda1 /mnt
# mount /dev/sda3 /mnt/boot
# arch-chroot /mnt /bin/bash

At this point you'll be 'in' your installation and you should be seeing the usual /usr, /var /etc structure and you can pick up the Arch install guide at … oot_loader

When done, exit out from the chroot with 'exit' and reboot

I don't have UEFI/GPT so it's a little bit of guesswork on my part.  Hopefully someone else can offer a more conclusive solution

#43 Re: Installation » Issues Installing ArchBang from USB » 2016-04-19 23:06:09

Treqzi wrote:
Mr Green wrote:

Start archbang via USB live then try mounting your internal hard drive, then check if system files are present. Missing operating system sounds like you have either mounted the wrong device or installed to USB drive.

If a bootloader was present you would at the very least get a prompt or a different error.

Thats where im having an issue, im only able to mount singular partitions of my drive not the entire drive itself. When i try to mount /dev/sda i get "mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sda missing codepage or helper program, or other error."

That's not an issue :-)  It's to be expected that you cannot mount the whole disk and only the individual partitions.

I agree with Mr Green - it sounds like a bootloader didn't get installed for whatever reason or possibly that you said to install to a partition and didn't set the partition as bootable in fdisk

What was your partition layout (fdisk -l /dev/sdX)?
What bootloader did you want to install?
Did you install it to the MBR or a partition?

#45 Re: ArchBang Installer/.iso Project » New ArchBang installer abits » 2016-03-27 18:38:07

Mr Green wrote:

Possible problem might be order of plugins...

You can number them like:


and so on.

If you iterate through [0-99]* you can let the numbering scheme define the order.  (Basically the old sysV init method of starting scripts)

#46 Re: Offtopic » How projects are born and develop » 2016-03-25 07:11:31

Maybe that's the next iteration of an installer.  People work on little plugins that the main installer calls :-)

#47 Re: Openbox » [SOLVED] odd issue with theming » 2016-03-17 16:38:16

sinister wrote:

Basically I'm using a dark theme so one would think that when i open it normally from openbox menu, xfce4-panel, or even terminal it would be dark themed but it is not. the only way i can get it to show up dark themed is opening it through the octopi-notifier.

I just installed octopi and when I run it from the notifier, it launches it with a -style flag

octopi -style gtk

Maybe try launching it via the notifier, then run a ps to see what flags are called - then adjust the openbox menu item to match

#48 Re: Openbox » [SOLVED] odd issue with theming » 2016-03-16 18:56:58

Just a guess because I don't use octopi but I would assume it needs root permissions somehow.  I would assume it's calling sudo but, TBH, I would have said the problem would be the other way around where it looks correct from the menu and not the notifier.

Try running it from the notifier and then issuing a ps and see if you can see exactly how it's called.  Then do the same from the OB menu.

Here's some useful flags for ps so you can see the full output

ps aux | less -+S

edit - what I'm getting at is I suspect one method is not getting your environment settings

#49 Re: Hardware & Multimedia » [Abated] Black screen tigervnc » 2016-03-14 17:19:10

and you have xterm too? :-)

Are the symptoms the same?  Just a plain black screen?  Does the mouse react?

#50 Re: Hardware & Multimedia » [Abated] Black screen tigervnc » 2016-03-14 14:02:29

dumb questions but do you have xorg-twm installed?  Is there anything in the log file (at ~/.vnc )

#51 Re: Offtopic » gtk free » 2016-03-06 08:32:13

o9000 wrote:

Actually tint2 depends only on glib, not GTK. It is just the configuration GUI tint2conf that introduces the GTK2 dependency. It can be disabled at compile time.

In that case, is tint2conf *needed* on a live image?

#52 Re: Offtopic » gtk free » 2016-03-05 19:34:12

From your list it seems like losing GTK2 would be a bigger change to the AB look and feel (although I guess if you went to AUR you could use one the tint3 variations (tint3-cpp-git seems closest)

#53 Re: Offtopic » Linux user article » 2016-02-19 08:09:34

I'd be interested to know how they quantify apt being more reliable than pacman

#54 Re: Installation » Computer cant find usb » 2016-02-18 18:15:32

I've never had any luck with 'make live' programs.  The only thing that works for me 100% of the time is dd (and do double-check the output file destination (the of= part) - it *will* happily destroy whatever you already have there with no confirmation)

 # dd if=/path/to/your/iso of=/dev/sdb bs=1024k

This may not help if you're in a catch-22 situation of needing linux to run dd

Can you boot from optical disk?

#55 Re: Arch Discussions » Do I want AB for a developer's environment of an Arch flavor? » 2016-02-16 07:44:23

folatt wrote:

I don't know how I could monitor my disk I/O speed and it's the first time.

If you ever want to, you can use sar/iostat/iotop

Personally, my favourite is sar but each tool has it's merits

#56 Re: Arch Discussions » Do I want AB for a developer's environment of an Arch flavor? » 2016-02-14 18:11:02

folatt wrote:

There was just one thing: My computer could not handle both watching/listening to youtube video's and playing webgames, while simultaneously program on eclipse. :-(. Eclipse was especially slow with scrolling.

Your questions are beyond my skill set but I would start here.  What was the constraint?  CPU, RAM, disk I/O?

#57 Re: FAQs, Tips & Tutorials » How to install packer » 2016-01-30 08:07:57

Could so it as a script but I think the person wanting to compile from AUR probably shouldn't have it obfuscated.  One compromise which may be overkill would be to do something like this:

echo 'Creating a temporary directory in /tmp using "cd $(mktemp -d)"'
cd $(mktemp -d)
sleep 3
echo 'Installing any missing packages needed for compilation using 'pacman -S --needed base-devel git --noconfirm'"
pacman -S --needed base-devel git --noconfirm

And so on... just so people know what's happening and can understand the procedure

#58 Re: FAQs, Tips & Tutorials » How to install packer » 2016-01-28 10:22:52

A lot of the guides are probably out-of-date since the move to AUR4

I don't think anyone is opposed to adding packer but it's useless without base-devel.  Adding base-devel would add 250mb (at a guess) to the ISO size (mainly gcc)

#59 Re: FAQs, Tips & Tutorials » How to install packer » 2016-01-27 17:14:40

$ cd
$ sudo pacman -S --needed base-devel git
$ git clone
$ cd packer
$ makepkg -is

The steps mean:
1) Go to your home directory
2) Install any missing pkgs that might be required in order to compile apps from AUR
3) Clone the packer code
4) Change to the newly created packer directory
5) Create a packer pkg, install any dependencies (from the repo) and install the packer pkg


$ cd 
$ rm -rf ./packer.git

6) back to your home dir
7) remove the source

Be aware that AUR packages will not be placed in /var/cache/pacman/pkg so you will be removing the actual "pkg" file by running step 7 (but this does not mean uninstalling it)

#60 Re: Openbox » Tint2panel crashes after last upgrade [Solved] » 2016-01-24 18:47:59

Both firefox and orage are GTK3 apps so that *may* be the common denominator.  Not sure why they would cause tint2 to crash though.

Could you try killing tint2, then starting from the command line, then launching FF.  When it crashes hopefully something would be written to the terminal

Another option is to move the tint2rc file to tint2rc.backup and launching with just a vanilla config.  This would eliminate something in the conf file causing an issue

#61 Re: Pacman/Packages » No DNS via wifi? » 2016-01-12 03:02:45

You *might* be running into an issue with the latest version of dhcpcd

If you recently upgraded to 6.10 try a downgrade and then look here for more info … mples.html for more info

#62 Re: Offtopic » Arch philosophy » 2015-12-30 09:37:56

:-)  And I think yaourt is the most popular app in there and it will *never* get promoted.

Let me change that to "they have a framework to see what the most popular apps are"

#63 Re: Offtopic » Arch philosophy » 2015-12-30 08:35:22

eric wrote:

@ i don't care lol, i say what i have to say, they either agree or not, it was my last post on their forum, people will make their own opinion. Say " AUR is arch but package in AUR is not the responsability of arch" is completely contradictory but it describe the arch philosophy clearly lol.

It is a bit of a contradiction but I see the gains in doing it that way.  They have the analytical advantage of seeing what non-repo apps are being used and promote them to real repos (via download stats or votes)

#64 Re: Offtopic » Why was I not told » 2015-12-25 08:32:58

You already know sed so you're 3/4s of the way there.  Vi is like interactive sed

#65 Re: Offtopic » Why was I not told » 2015-12-24 17:07:19

Maybe it's too much Angry Orchard but I have no clue what this is in reference to :-)

#68 Re: Installation » [SOLVED]no bootloader install in new iso » 2015-12-02 09:05:23

Total guess but that looks like a variable is not being expanded.

For example the command is typically "chroot /mnt/point /bin/bash" but if /mnt/point is not expanded the command would be "chroot /bin/bash" and give the error

Might be something else entirely though :-)

#69 Re: Openbox » [Solved] Guake; I Receive Vbox Kernel Error message. » 2015-11-27 19:01:48

This will look for installed packages containing 'virtualbox'

$ pacman -Q|grep -i virtual

This will search the repo for packages containing 'virtual' regardless of whether they're installed or not

$ pacman -Ss virtual

This means you can build commands to do more complex transactions (the extra 'q' in the Qq flags means to drop the version number from the output):

pacman -Rns $(pacman -Qq|grep -i virtualbox)

#70 Re: Pacman/Packages » Error with this script » 2015-11-16 17:52:07

This looks like the version of glibc that compiled the server.lin binary doesn't match or is incompatible with what you have installed.

If you step through the output, it's all good until this:

olicenseserver.lin: loadlocale.c:131: _nl_intern_locale_data: Assertion `cnt < (sizeof (_nl_value_type_LC_COLLATE) / sizeof (_nl_value_type_LC_COLLATE[0]))' failed.
++ pidof olicenseserver.lin

"pidof <whatever>" should be returning the PID but since nothing comes back I'm assuming the spckssq86 binary is the thing complaining about the missing argument.  The locale/glibc thing is the root cause though and it's not something you can easily fix on Arch (and it would defeat the object of Arch to get it running)

TBH though, some of the output still doesn't make total sense to me

#71 Re: Pacman/Packages » Error with this script » 2015-11-15 19:00:33

try running it like this:
sudo sh -x start

It will still error out but it might give more a hint about what it's expecting.

#72 Re: Pacman/Packages » Error with this script » 2015-11-15 06:58:43

What if you just run "sudo /etc/init.d/ start"

You're doing the installation part manually by creating the /etc/init.d and creating the service file so the 'install' script shouldn't have to be run.  However, you're also trying to launch a binary that might have requirements not met.

#73 Re: Pacman/Packages » Error with this script » 2015-11-14 20:29:40

This it going to make things a little more complicated since you need to set environmental variables and the appropriate way is to use /etc/sysconfig/*

It's probably easier to adjust your systemd service file to be something like this

$ cat /etc/systemd/system/etcinitd.service 
Description=startup scripts



Then create a script called /etc/init.d/main.script

$ cat /etc/init.d/main.script 

for script in /etc/init.d/*.sh
  $script start
exit 0

And finally put the OLicenseServer in /etc/init.d but make sure it has a .sh suffix
Basically, anything you put in /etc/init.d/*sh will get run at boot, not just this one

#74 Re: Pacman/Packages » Error with this script » 2015-11-14 06:17:05

can you post the contents of OLicenseServer ?  The systemd unit replaces the init.d script so you have to tell it to do what the init.d script does

#75 Re: Pacman/Packages » Error with this script » 2015-11-13 19:28:41

It's not the usual type of startup script (with a case statement for stop|start|restart and so on) but I'd go with something like this:

1) Create a file called /etc/systemd/system/OLicenseServer (the actual name is your choice)

2) The file should, at it's most simple, look like this

Description=OLicenseServer control

ExecStart=/path/to/OLicenseServer start
#ExecStop=/path/to/OLicenseServer stop # if this is implemented in the script


3) # systemctl enable OLicenseServer

There are many more options but this should get you started

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